Recovery After Google Panda 4 Is Released

It hasn’t been long since Google Panda 4 has been released but already we are seeing quite a few reports of web masters experiencing significant traffic increases. The changes are attributed to the gentler and softer algorithmic thresholds that have been tweaked in Panda 4.

Panda 4 Severity

Original Content
Code Quality
Social Popularity

Live Panda Recoveries

Still to this day, this is the only proof of a full Panda recovery from start to finish. Part of theĀ instructions on how to recover from Panda can be found here.

What is Panda 4?

Panda 4 is the latest algorithm update by Google. It evaluates a site’s quality to increase and decrease its rankings.

How can I check if I'm affected by Panda?

If you have a website then you are affected by Panda. Google has integrated the Panda algorithm into it’s core ranking algorithm which means that every site is evaluated for quality.

What is the fastest way to recover from Panda?

The fastest way to recover from Panda is to follow Eric Lancheres’ step by step Panda recovery guide at Panda Breakthrough.comĀ 

If you can catch him and get a one on one consultation… that’s even better. (But getting an appointment is difficult because he’s so busy.)