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What I Learned About Dating Through SEO

Like dating, your SEO strategy is your partner.

You will go through hardship, confusion, ups & downs and frustration. However, stick to it and it is only a matter of time beforeĀ it starts to give back.

“SEO Is Very Much A Love-Hate Relationship, Treat It Like You Would A Normal Relationship”

That is the point where you look back and realize that the commitment and effort you put in has been well worth it.

Even though you wanted to give up on your SEO partner, you are glad you put in the time and effort to make it work.

questions to ask on a date
Your SEO strategy is very much like your dating strategy

Interestingly enough, it was only recently I starting to date an amazing girl. I never really had much luck in the past, mainly due to being a geek, on my PC day in and day out. But for some reason I decided to go out one night with a friend and had this surge of confidence that I never had in the past… this led me to meeting my currently girlfriend whom I am very happy with it now.

What I did find interesting was that these turn of events happened round about the time I started to crack SEO with impressive results. At first I thought this surge of confidence came because of this new found success, but after breaking it down I have this theory that it was SEO itself that taught me structure and consequently how to behave around women.

Here are x ways that SEO helped me with dating.

  1. Pace Yourself, Quicker Is Definitely Not Better:

    Patience is key. In order for Google to trust you, it will require time to monitor your activity and behaviour… as the saying goes:


    The very same things applies with dating. You cannot go in there and rush matters… trying to find out as much as you can about her in a short period of time is only going to scare her off and make her feel like it is an interrogation… like with SEO, you need to learn the language and now what questions to ask on a date.

  2. Your Wingman:

    If you think you can achieve everything necessary in SEO without any help, then you will surely fail.

    I personally have many people working around me, helping with design, marketing, backlinking, content writing and on-page formatting… like in dating, your wingman is working behind the scenes ensuring your success.

  3. Honesty Is The Safest Policy:

    The newest generations of SEOs tell you that trying to trick Google will no longer work. But this act of manipulation is not just a matter of not succeeding in SEO, but will also result in the ultimate punishment of getting penalized.

    Much like with dating, if you go in being dishonest, it is only a matter of time the truth comes out. Imagine this scenario, where months later you start to take a real shine for this person, only for them to slam the door in your face for your dishonesty… heart breaking, right?